Thursday, 27 August 2009

Persil clean winner in eco-index of 100 brands

Published Date: 27 August 2009
A NEW "eco-index" listing the best and worst products will help green consumers make better choices, said its creator.
The new Green Index Report puts Persil laundry products top of the list for environmentally-friendly products, with Haribo sweets at the bottom.Nottingham-based consultants EnvirUP assessed Britain's 100 top brands, then ranked them on their green credentials, such as use of packaging, sustainability and impact on the environment. They then scored each product out of a possible 590 points on a scale of A to G grade.They found 85 per cent achieved a D grade or below, and the greenest only achieved a C. None made it to A or B grades.Persil laundry products topped the list, with 385 points – a grade C.It was followed by PG Tips tea, Finish dishwasher tablets, Volvic water and Kellogg's Special K breakfast cereal.EnvirUP founder Assim Ishaque said: "This will help the consumer get their head around what companies are doing."