Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Salmond announces £2.6m for green energy centre

Published Date: 18 August 2009
FIRST Minister Alex Salmond has announced a £2.6 million funding boost for the new Scottish European Green Energy Centre in Aberdeen, aimed at establishing the city as a major hub for research into wave, tidal and wind power.
The centre, officially opened by Mr Salmond yesterday, will benefit from £1.6m support from the European Regional Development Fund and £1m from the Scottish Government.Mr Salmond said: "The Scottish European Green Energy Centre (SEGEC) aims to build on Aberdeen's long-established global reputation as an energy hub by positioning Scotland at the forefront of European innovation, research and development in clean, renewable energy."The investment of European funding will embrace the energy-related opportunities presented through Scotland's leading global effort to reduce climate change. Scotland's natural capital can create tens of thousands of green jobs."Professor Jim McDonald, the chairman of the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), formed by Scottish universities engaged in energy research, said the international collaboration made possible by the new centre would be "unparalleled in Europe."He said: "Scotland's universities are leading the way in world-class research and development on the low carbon energy supplies and infrastructure of the future. "Scotland's top energy researchers are already collaborating together through the Energy Technology Partnership within Scotland and across the world. SEGEC will help ensure a dedicated focal point for research collaborations between Scotland and the EU, where there are significant funding opportunities and challenging targets to deliver a low carbon economy.