Friday, 19 March 2010

Students develop eco-friendly engine

Special Correspondent

A group of Mechanical Engineering students of the Sarabhai Institute of Science and Technology here have developed an electromagnetic engine that promises a clean alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles.
The students, V. Jayaram, Chanthu S. Krishnan, Akhilesh S.S. Nair and Sreejith P.S., modified a 60 cc sprayer engine to demonstrate the electromagnetic principle. The engine operates on the repulsive force between two magnets, one embedded in the piston and the other on top of the cylinder.
The electromagnet on the cylinder head is powered by a battery that can be charged using solar panels.
The engine is controlled by an electronic gadget that acts as the accelerator.
“We have demonstrated that any petrol or diesel powered engine can be modified for electromagnetic propulsion. Such a modified engine will be free of noise and air pollution.
The cost of modification may range between Rs.20,000 and Rs.30,000,” says Jayaram.
The team took about two years to design the engine. The students were guided by F.P. Joshua, Professor, and D. Praveen Kumar, Assistant Professor.
“Electromagnetic engines are more efficient than servo motors and permanent magnet DC motors,” says Jayaram.
He said the electromagnetic engine had the potential to revolutionise the automobile industry. “Once the engine is suitably modified, the fuel tank, timer chain, camshaft, air filter, fuel injection system and exhaust mechanism can be dispensed with, thereby freeing up space and reducing the weight of the vehicle considerably,” he added. The students are planning to file a patent application for the design.