Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Two new sites for eco-towns

Two more councils are planning to build eco-towns under Government plans to roll out the controversial project.

By Louise GrayPublished: 7:30AM GMT 10 Mar 2010
John Healey, the housing minister, has already given the go-ahead for four local authorities to build environmentally friendly settlements and a further nine locations are developing plans.
Now two more councils in South Hampshire and East Devon are developing proposals.

To qualify as an eco-town, a development must have 5,000 homes – at least 30 per cent of which are affordable to those on low incomes – and contain low-carbon services and energy supplies.
The Government's aim is to build 10 eco-towns by 2020.
Mr Healey has already granted £10 million to help councils develop their plans for eco-towns.
He also announced a further £10 million to help councils develop renewable sources of energy like wind and solar, install electric car charging points and update planning procedures to protect the environment
.“We know we need greener, renewable energy if we are to meet our ambitious low carbon targets. We also know that the ways and means for people to access this energy needs to be quicker and easier.
“The tougher, better guidelines for planning give councils a new blueprint, reflecting the latest targets and ensuring councils put combating climate change at the heart of future development – ultimately saving people money on their bills and reducing emissions," he said.