Monday, 15 March 2010

Wood is 'most environmentally-friendly' building product

14 March 2010
Research into building materials has revealed the wood is the most environmentally-friendly substance for many household projects.
Conducted by the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, the study found that throughout its lifespan natural wood creates the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in its lifecycle.
The material also allows for ease of recycling and energy recovery opportunities.
These can reduce the methane gas emissions which come from landfill disposal of building substances.
Green consultant John Wagner told Building Products: "As green building regulations become the standard in building, consumers who previously favoured more 'maintenance-free' materials as their siding and decking products of choice will need to consider alternatives such as western red cedar to help lessen their environmental footprint."
Defining the most ecological materials and products available could help reduce any detrimental effect which British homes have on the environment.
Posted by Mark Stephens